Divinity 9

Peace, and welcome to the journey of Divinity 9. I am honored to have you alongside us.

My name is Tony, the founder and owner of Divinity 9. I started out as a customer or browser of my favorite clothing brands, like yourself, until I realized that I wanted to create a product that expressed the values I hold dear, that were not being expressed from my favorite brands.

I started Divinity 9 about 2 years ago, with the mindset of creating a brand that will fill the void that some clothing brands fail to do. And that is, give people like you and me, and others around the world, a brand that will uplift and empower each and everyone of us.

I feel as though my brand can fill that void. That is why I chose Divinity 9 as the name for my company.

It is a name that symbolizes a state or quality that we all can achieve. It represents an awakening, and an enlightenment that I myself have encountered. Along the way I have met great people; who inspired me to change, add values, and a stronger meaning to my own life. The one most importantly, is GROWTH.

Our products ship from our fulfillment center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and that alone guarantees that your products are printed by professionals, and handled with care. This is most important for my brand.

Take a look at our store online store and browse our collection.