How we chose our products

Anyone can take a logo, slap it on a t-shirt, and sell it for a profit. But taking that same logo, and slapping it on the best quality t-shirt, and selling it for a profit, is something different entirely.

Being a consumer first, and entrepreneur second, putting quality and comfort first has always been a top priority for me. Especially, when shopping for a t-shirt. If the comfort is great, quality is great, it's a win win.

Simple things like, the design and cut of the t-shirt, all comes down to preference; because everyone's style and taste are different.

However, getting the best quality and comfort out of our t-shirt is something we all have in common.

This has since carried over to the business side of things. Finding the best quality, and most comfortable product, all began from researching the top shopped t-shirt brands and their different lines. The reading of customer reviews and experiences, and watched YouTube videos, all helped in influencing my final decision as to which set of products I will showcase in my online store.

All in all, taking these important steps to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort, has and will always be a top priority of DIVINITY 9.